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An online 7 Module deep dive journey to give you the tools and insights for radical success on your healing journey with plant medicines and psychedelics.

In This Course We Will Guide You Step By Step

The third wave of the psychedelic renaissance is peaking and there are things you need to know to traverse it well.

Inner preparation is the key for great success!!! We will give you the “Map of Entheogenesis” which is a metaview of the many territories of psychedelic experiences you may encounter and the type of spiritual maturation required to successfully navigate these wildlands.

It is wise before embarking on this type of epic hero’s journey and soul Jedi mission to have specific tools/supplies in your pack.

In this course we will provide you with the tested and true tools to successfully navigate the wild worlds of the shamamic and psychedelic universe.

Everything we teach has been “tempered in the fire” of over 2,200 entheogenic and shamanic ceremonies, as well as working with hundreds of participants in our ceremonial practice each year.

This wisdom and lineage transmission is simple, practical, and radically effective to awaken true healing within.

The greatest “tool” within shamanism and entheogenic experiences is “set and setting” aka your sacred space. Over these 7 weeks we will share with you one of our most essential and powerful shamanic tools for creating personal and group sacred space, which can be a literal life-saver when in the deep end of psychedelic work.

In this course we will guide you step by step into creating your unique and beautiful Sacred Space based on the harmonic geometry of ancient wisdom traditions, mystery schools, and earth honoring cultures.

This “inner set and setting” will support you to experience true healing and awakening in any moment of your life from the mundane to the ecstatic.



  • First hand knowledge of the single most important understanding that everyone needs to know to actually heal for real.

  • A practical guide to reclaim your spiritual sovereignty and personal responsibility- that you can share with all you serve.

  • Where you are on the Arc of Healing- and how to transform your trauma into service.


Darcy Kopas and Robin Flynn are holistic mentors, guides, and teachers of the sacred arts and spiritual technology of the Pachakuti Mesa. Our work is based in the reverent application of cross cultural shamanism to co-create numinous containers of empowerment, resource, and healing. 

With the blessings and sanction of our elders, we are bridging the vast ancient (yet very much alive) wisdom of Andean Paqokuna and Kamaska curanderismo within the dynamic evolutionary waves of the emergent global entheogenic renaissance. This bridge building is a syncretic and integral path which empowers each individual to become the “Shaman” of their own healing journey, through guided, sincere, and authentic practice. 

We work in sacred partnership to bring forth these teachings and ceremonies for personal and planetary healing.